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本類別專門收錄繁體中文的網頁。如要尋找簡體中文的網頁,請到 World: Chinese Simplified 類別。 This section lists sites written in Traditional Chinese. You will need a browser that supports the rendering of BIG5 or UTF-8 encoded Chinese characters to read the contents of this section correctly. For sites written in Simplified Chinese, please go to the World: Chinese Simplified section. Chinese Traditional.

古文 ‧ 陶文 ‧ 甲骨文 ‧ 金文 籀文 ‧ 石鼓文 ‧ 鳥蟲書 篆书 ( 大篆 ‧ 小篆 ) 隶书 ‧ 楷书 ‧ 行书 ‧ 草书 ‧ 漆书 ‧ 书法 ‧ 飞白书 (wikipedia)